Do you love getting your hands dirty, but you're not totally sure what your space needs?  We love talking plants, and offering advice on what to plant, where, what kind, and how.

We offer consultation on an hourly basis.  Our one-hour consult includes a follow-up email with meeting notes, and details of all plants and plans discussed.  This is a really fun way to gather ideas and inspiration!


Do you need an extreme garden make-over, or just a little touch up? Maybe you just need a few additions to brighten up your space.  We will supply you with drawings, plant, hardscape, and furniture mood boards, a plant list, and purchasing services.  

If you have the space and the plants but don't know what to do with them, we can get started right away with an on-the-spot garden remodel!  


This includes all of the above as well as plant installation.  We are also happy to assist with referrals for hardscape installation.


We get attached to the gardens we install! We offer ongoing maintenance on an hourly basis. Also available to teach you what you need to know in order to maintain and develop a connection with your fabulous new landscape.